I went to Trenton on Sunday to take photos for possible use on the cover of Timmy Waldron’s short story collection, World Takes. The book’s title is taken from a sign on the Lower Trenton Bridge that reads, “TRENTON MAKES THE WORLD TAKES.”

David Barringer will be doing the cover design (because he likes being worked to death by me). Word Riot Press will be putting out the book in the next few months.

Here are some of the pics I took. (Industrial!)

Timmy’s gotten some awesome blurbage on the book:

In World Takes, Timmy Waldon has great fun pushing buttons. From a George Washington impersonator who loses his job to twentysomethings tripping through life with their pants down, he spins delightful, provocative and often hilarious tales about that journey we all share to find our place in the universe. It’s an impressive collection that will make you wish that all short stories were this present and amusing.
Kemble Scott, author of the bestselling novel SoMa

Timothy P. Waldron shares my unhinged and free-floating hatred for humans, their dry Up-Space, and their promiscuous use of the be-fingered appendage known as “the hand”, especially in the provocative gestural combination known as “the Fives of Highs”. If you, like me, lurk gently in the cool grip of the benthic deep awaiting the oncoming Neo-Diluvian age when non-euclidean monoliths will cast soul twisting shadows on the unheeded faces of man, then this slender volume of World Takes shall carry you through for a while. In the meantime, appreciate with me the accurate renderings of post-millennial Americo-cubicle culture which Mr. Waldron so carefully crafts. He is truly a high-priest of this, the Immediate Age.
Poor Mojo’s Giant Squid, of Detroit the Michigan, and the Internets (http://www.poormojo.org)