I start Bennington’s MFA program in January. I have to get 25 pages into them by Dec. 1 for workshopping. It’s going well. I’m going to send a novel excerpt, which is probably dumb, but all the promoting for The Suburban Swindle has left me drained and wanting to back off short stories for awhile. I kind of disappear into a novel when I’m in that writing headspace. I like that. I know I’m getting into the right tempo when I start forgetting whether or not an event happened in real life or in the book I’m working on. Those kind of non-memory memories are wonderfully redeeming. If I can trick myself, maybe I can trick y’all.

I haven’t done a workshop session since college and never on any substantial work. Anybody want to scare me with workshopping horror stories or links to horror stories? Just trying to expel the demons.

Oh, and Word Riot Press got name-checked in GalleyCat for picking up Nick Antosca’s Midnight Picnic. I keep wanting to call it Midnight Panic for some reason. I don’t know why. At least one person found Word Riot by googling “Nick Antosca” and “Midnight Panic” so I’m not alone.