I don’t imagine I’ll make a regular sport of blogging again, but I guess it’s worth skulking around the edges of the thing.

So the past few years, in list form:

1) Took a job at Patch, AOL’s hyperlocal news venture; worked incessantly and got promoted twice.

2) Quit smoking, started running.

3) Many of my colleagues were laid off.

4) Started the nonprofit Word Riot Inc. to give grants to indie writers.

5) Took a writing vacation to knock out the last pages of a novel draft I’d worked on at Bennington; novel took place modern day in Monmouth’s Bayshore region.

6) Superstorm Sandy beat the crap out of New Jersey, leveled part of the Bayshore.


7) Ran point on New Jersey Governor’s Office stuff for the NJ Patch sites during Sandy; ran each laptop until the battery died, charged them in the car while driving around downed trees and powerlines in the field, repeated this cycle; holy sleep deprivation, Batman.

8) Many of my colleagues were laid off.

9) Many of my colleagues were laid off via conference call.

10) Took a trip to Southern California; hang-glided off a cliff.


11) Not sure what to do with the novel post-Sandy, abandoned it; started work on a crazy long story that kept gnawing at me.

12) Many of my colleagues were laid off by a recorded message.

13) Took a new job and moved to Poughkeepsie.

14) Started turning the crazy long story into a novel; three intertwined storylines crystallizing a moment of crisis in the characters’ lives before and after Sandy.

15) Climbed a bunch of mountains.