Want me to read at your bookstore or event? Lemme know: jcorley AT

Previous readings/literary events include:
215 Festival (Philadelphia, October 2003)
510 Readings (Baltimore, August 2008)
Barbes Reading Series (Brooklyn, June 2004)
Bennington Writers’ Road Show (Brooklyn, March 2013)
Bluestockings (Manhattan, October 2008)
Dire Reading Series (Cambridge/Boston, January 2008, March 2009)
DOGZPLOT Reading (Atlantic City, August 2009)
Earshot Reading Series (Brooklyn, September 2008)
Feed the Young Writers 2004 (Manhattan, September 2004)
Freebird Books and Goods (Brooklyn, June 2009)
Happy Ending Reading Series (Manhattan, January 2005)
KGB Bar (Manhattan, September 2007)
Morningside Bookshop (Manhattan, October 2008)
Myopic Books (Providence, April 2009)
The New Yinzer Presents… (Pittsburgh, December 2008)
P.E.E.L. Reading Series (Brooklyn, November 2007)
Pilcrow Lit Fest (Chicago, May 2008)
Plastic Sugar Press reading at Bar on A (Manhattan, August 2004)
The River Read Reading Series (Red Bank, December 2009)
ULA Reading at Medusa (Philadelphia, July 2005)
Vol. 1 Presents: Civic Pride: New Jersey (Brooklyn, November 2011)

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