Paula Bomer. Photo courtesy Bernie Knuckles.

It’s an exciting day for a publisher when a book you’re releasing receives a starred review in Publishers Weekly. (No, I couldn’t think of a better lede. I was doing laundry until 2 a.m.)
Not only did Paula Bomer’s short story collection land that coveted star (“This lacerating take on marriage and motherhood is not one to share with the Mommy and Me group”), but PW did an interview with Paula, as well. I gotta say, Ms. Paula has some great quotes in this one:

“In New York, people express their social ambition through their family. To me, that’s a corruption. I feel somewhat critical of just wanting the good life; that’s not going to bring you joy. The one PTA meeting I attended was frightening: the people were so cruel. I find petty unkindness more powerful than people want to acknowledge, and it amazes me on a daily basis how people treat one another. Perhaps people feel it’s not significant.”


“We are not what we write. If you’re not being brave as a writer, it’s hard to care.”

The interest in Paula’s book has been overwhelming and wonderful. (I’m down to a single print galley–I’ve never run out of galleys before.)

What gives me pause is that this book almost never came to be. (Paula was under contract with a small press that folded and then started looking for a new home for it.) It’s sort of the same feeling I got when I was able to put out Nick Antosca’s Midnight Picnic. You have these amazing books you want to shove into the world and they very nearly missed being born. It’s frightening, almost. Strike that–not almost. It is frightening.